The art curriculum for this unit is based on digital photography. Students will receive instruction on different techniques and learn some of the most important elements of great digital photography. With digital cameras supplied by the school, students will document the work that they and their classmates do throughout the "What is Healthy?" unit. Photographs may include pictures of students and teachers working, field trips, school garden, etc. Students will ultimately be responsible for deciding which elements of the unit they believe are most important to document for their eventual display at the Healthy Living Fair. The final assessment for the unit will be a portfolio that contains all students' top ten photographs as chosen by themselves, and these portfolios will be printed and on display during the Healthy Living Fair at the end of the unit. Most of the first week will be dedicated to an introduction to the art of photograph, but many of the remaining class periods will be spent documenting the unit – almost exclusively outside of the art classroom. Students will be concentrating on the “art” of photography, including (but not limited to): the role of capturing facial expressions to express a particular emotion, how landscape shots can represent a bigger picture or event, what the central focus of a picture is and how the other elements of the photograph compare and contrast with it, and how angles affect the overall aesthetic of the photograph.