Each content area will conduct individual assessments for the specific material covered in that portion of the unit. The students will be asked to complete an overall assessment as well. This will take the form of a reflective piece. Students will be asked to write an assessment of the Healthy Living Fair and write a journal documenting the service learning portion. They will be asked what they learned about what it means to be healthy, and ways they can make their lifestyle healthier every day. Students must reflect both on their own part in the final product and the product as a whole. This type of assessment will force students to use knowledge from all of the content areas to take a critical look at work they themselves produced. Also, a reflection will appeal to the developmental needs of the children by allowing them to focus on themselves as an individual as well as how they relate to a group in a meaningful way.

Differentiated Instruction

This unit will be highly differentiated for each member of the team. Throughout the unit we will be differentiating for multiple intelligences as well as social-emotional needs. Students will have the opportunity to choose which types of projects and activities they would like to work on for the Healthy Living Fair. Regardless of the project the student chooses they will be applying the material from their content areas, the product of their application however will arrive in a multitude of forms: writing, artistic, theatrical, Spanish language, cooking, etc. Allowing for these different positions not only caters to the multiple ways that students learn, but also helps to integrate the different learning abilities rather than isolate them.