School Name: Central Cambridge Middle School

ITSLU Grade Level: 6th Grade

Size: 3 classes of 23 each
Period Length: One hour per subject per day and five one-hour unified arts periods / week.

Unit Length: Four weeks


Science – Megan Oswald
Math – Heather Neal
Social Studies – Mark DiGiovanni
English – Ryan Tahmaseb

Central Cambridge Middle School is a small, urban school located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The student body of just over two hundred is very diverse, but most faculty members are white. In addition to taking courses in each of the four main content areas, students take classes in the unified arts daily. These courses are offered as electives and change for each student can choose two per academic year (unified arts courses are one semester each). CCMS is just beginning to become more involved in the community and this new unit will be another step in the direction of greater social responsibility.