Because this unit will include material that will challenge the students, there are several habits of mind that will prove important to the students.

Find and Keeping Focus
It will be important for students to remain focused on whatever task they are undertaking, whether it be completing a research paper or completing a final assessment project for math, science or English. To facilitate this, teachers will plan classes that allow students to engage each other, keeping in mind the need for middle school students to collaborate with each other.

Asking Good Questions
Students will need to ask good questions throughout the unit. Because we are giving them challenging material to work with, it will be important for them to shape their questions in such a way that they get to questions that will successfully lead them to real, useful answers.

Searching for Patterns
Throughout this inter-disciplinary unit, we will be asking students to search for patterns, not only within each discipline, but across the curriculum. We will ask them to draw parallels between the lives of those living as far away as Japan, and as close as next door. What makes for a healthy lifestyle? What leads to disease? Is what's good for your physical healthy good for your mental healthy? Students will be required to search for these answers.

Persevering and Having Self-Discipline
Perhaps the most important habit of mind for our students to have, we will be teaching them that they can succeed, and that they cannot give up because the work is challenging. We will help them see the patterns between having self-discipline in academics and in having a healthy lifestyle. While it may not be easy, the reward is always worth the effort!