Parents and guardians will be engaged in a variety of meaningful ways throughout our unit. Before our unit starts we will send a letter home to all families, explaining the main goals and activities of the unit. Parents will be invited to participate in a variety of ways, and all members will be involved in the culminating activity.

Introductory Letter to Parents

What is Healthy?

What is Healthy?

Dear Parents and Guardians,

For the next four weeks, your child’s history, math, science and English teachers will be leading an in depth, interdisciplinary inquiry of the question, “What is Healthy?” This unit is meant to be an exploration of a variety of topics related to health and healthy living, with the ultimate goal of getting students to think more deeply about how they can live a healthy life, and what exactly that means to them.

The curriculum highlights of this unit include:
  • In math and science, students will learn about digestion, the food pyramid, how to make healthy food, and how they can use math to make more informed choices.
  • In English, students will explore the role of mental health in a healthy lifestyle, and will also be learning about the process of food production in the United States, while reading excerpts from Omnivore’s Dilemma.
  • In history, students will learn about the health lifestyles of other cultures, specifically Japan.

Major events of this unit will include:
  • This unit will start with an assembly with two well known speakers, Ed Poirier, Youth Fitness Specialist, The Attleboro YMCA and Roberta R. Friedman, ScM, Director of Education, Massachusetts Public Health Association.
  • As part of the unit, students will be participating in a service learning portion, working at a local food bank.
  • At the end of the unit, students will be putting on a “Healthy Community” fair, showcasing the many products they will be producing throughout the unit.
  • Students will be planning and building a garden for the school. This garden will be used to grow fresh fruits and vegetables for students.

It is our belief, supported by education research, that students learn content more deeply when actively engaged in lessons that relate to their lives in real ways. It is our hope that this unit will provide such an opportunity.

We would also like to invite parents to participate with us in these events. If you have a skill that you feel relates to our unit, we invite you to let us know. Also, if you have questions about our unit, we welcome them as well.

Yours in education,
The 6th grade team at Central Cambridge Middle School

Other Parent Involvement

- Parents will volunteer at Health Fair
- Yoga-trained parent will do a 10-minute yoga and stretching exercises with English students at the beginning of a few classes