The NASPE national standards in physical education indicate a need for "students to exhibit a physically active lifestyle" and understand that "physical activity provides opportunities for enjoyment, challenge, self-expression, and social interaction."

It is recommended that teenagers get at least an hour of physical activity a day, but this is far from reality for most teens. During adolescence many teens drop out of organized sports and spend most of their free time watching TV, playing video games, and using the internet. These activities lead to very sedentary lifestyles, and bad habits develop. The physical education curriculum will focus on inspiring students to get active, and promote ways to develop an active lifestyle that can fit any fitness level. The physical education teachers will present students with a wide variety of activities so that all students can find an activity they enjoy or are good at, and hope to change student opinions about physical activity.

Curriculum Objectives:

· Students will develop personal fitness goals
· Create and implement a fitness plan
· Evaluate, manage, and reflect upon the fitness plan
In order to achieve these objectives, the physical education teachers will begin by implementing their motivational plan in which they expose students to a variety of physical activities. These activities will include: step aerobics, African dance, weight training/circuits, Pilates, team volleyball, badminton, and rock climbing.

After a week of teacher chosen activities, students will then get to implement their own fitness plans, and choose which activities they will take part in over the course of the next two months, which extends beyond the time frame of the unit itself.