Our main goals with regard to technology are:
  • Modeling efficient and purposeful use of technology.
  • Providing multiple ways to engage students of varying cognitive strengths.
  • Providing students with a variety of outlets for sharing the new knowledge they have acquired.
  • Streamlining the planning and collaborating process.

Throughout the "What is Healthy?" ITSLU, technology will play a very important role, not only because of the power it has to engage students and appeal to varying learning styles and strengths, but because of the transformative role it can play, making abstract ideas more concrete. Through technology, our students will become the teachers, creating engaging presentations, brochures, pamphlets, and posters.

In addition, technology will play a large role in allowing the teachers to streamline the planning of the unit, making the work much more productive than traditional methods. A few of the technologies used are Wikis and Google Docs, spreadsheets, and forms.

General Resources

Engaging Activity

Part of our engaging activity will be to survey students with three questions: What did you eat yesterday?, What did you drink yesterday? and What did you do yesterday?
This will be done using a Google Form. Students will respond, and the results will be used to create word splashes using Wordle. With the Wordle site, the words used most often will show up larger than others. We think this will provide a fun visual way to show students what they are eating, drinking, and doing.


Collecting Data
During the math unit, students will create and distribute a survey using Google Docs. This survey will allow students to gather information about the eating habits of their peers, and then use that information to explore the concepts of average, mean, median, and mode, and also explore how to plot this information.

Plotting Data in Graphs and Charts
Once the data has been gathered from the survey, students will use a spreadsheet program to plot and graph the data.

Final Project
For the final project, students will use a variety of technology resources to create their movies, posters, brochures, etc.


Research Project
Students will use internet-based resources, including the World Health Organization and CIA websites to research health in Asian countries. Students will use this information to create a presentation in PowerPoint and a podcast using GarageBand.